Duties of the Assistant Stage Manager


During Rehearsals

  1. Create notes when props need to be added and removed from the set
  2. Figure out where props need to be stored on set
  3. During dress rehearsals make sure all props are in place
  4. During dress rehearsals make sure all actors have checked their props and clothing
  5. Optional – Create scene change list for back stage crews with cues, items and directions if needed


During Dress Rehearsal and Run of Show (In complete charge)

  1. Arrive 30minutes before doors open.
  2. Set out water, coffee, etc for actors and crew if assigned by the stage manager
  3. Check that all crew members are present
  4. Check all actors present at call time – notify stage manager of any issues
  5. Check all stage pieces and props in place – every performance
  6. Provide actors with 30, 15 and 5 minute standby calls
  7. Check with Front of House when the show is ready to start – take direction from them
  8. After show, ensure all set pieces, props and costumes are back in correct places
  9. Other duties as assigned by the stage manager