Duties of the Producer

Prior and During Production

  1. Prepare a budget using the YPDG budget form.
    1. set production meetings with department heads to establish their budget needs.
    2. approve all expenses submitted for the play prior to payment
  2. Secure the production dates with Cedar Hall.
  3. Audition notices should be sent through YPDG membership for actors..
  4. Call for production should be sent  though YPDG membership backstage crew.
  5. Audition notices should be sent through marketing to Theatre Connections.
  6. Call for production should be sent  though marketing to Theatre Connections.
  7. Fill all production crew positions.
  8. Create a cast and crew contact list and distribute it.
  9. Make sure everyone involved in the production is a member of YPDG.
  10. Work with marketing to create a marketing plan and oversee that the show is properly promoted.
  11. Oversee the making of the poster and program.
    1. Get biographies for all cast and crew members
    2. Get all advertising for program
    3. Arrange the printing of the poster and program
  12. Order the correct number of scripts and make copies as needed
  13. Make sure script rights are available and cleared.
  14. Purchase the production rights on behalf of YPDG
    1. Average seating for 50 people
    2. Plays runs for 7 nights
  15. Work with the director to establish audition dates and distribute them with media and membership.
  16. Call production meeting in a timely manner to ensure all deadlines are met.
  17. Work with ancillary groups helping on show (concessions, dinner theatre providers, etc)
  18. Update the YPDG at the monthly club meetings with the current status.