Duties of the Director

Prior to Rehearsals

  1. Hold open auditions for all actors
    • Arrange with the producer for a call to auditions to all YPDG members.
    • Arrange with the producer for a call to auditions to all Theatre Connection members.
    • Set the audition schedule and have the producer enter the dates into the Cedar Hall Calendar.
    • Have the audition schedule posted on the web site.
    • Interview and select all Actors
    • Arrange through the producer for any call backs or second calls.
    • Make the final selection for actors
  2. Prepare the rehearsal schedule along with the producer and stage manager.
  3. Provide the producer with the schedule to update the YPDG theatre calendar with all dates that effect the use of the stage and hall. The green room is not on a schedule.
  4. Arrange a production meeting through the producer
    • Consult with set, lighting and sound designers to express the directors vision of the play.
    • Have follow-up meeting with set, lighting and sound design

During the Rehearsals

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before rehearsal to interact with actors and crew.
  2. Come prepared to complete a specific portion of the play.
  3. Provide character interpretation in consultation with actors
  4. Work with marketing to arrange media interviews.

During Technical Rehearsals

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes.
  2. Work with the sound and lighting crews to make sure the directors vision is achieved.
  3. Provide any notes to the stage manager and crew and actors prior to the show run.

During the Running of the Show

  1. At this point the director should no longer interact with the actors or crew.
  2. Provide any feedback to the stage manager.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the show.