Meeting held at the Cedar Community Hall in the Green Room

The meeting began at 7:30pm

President Armando dos Santos welcomed 5 people to the meeting.

No notes are available from the April 11th 2017 meeting.

  1. New Business:

Brain March is applying for YPDG for a grant from the Gaming Commission.
Requirements include letters of support from  the Cedar Community (Hall) Association board And Cedar Women’s Institute and CGIT, Janice Grinnell will be contacted.

  1. Finance: no report was available.

Memberships are due in the fall, September 12, 2017.

  1. Correspondence:

James and Doreen Scandland have donated $500 to the Cedar Community Hall for part YPDG annual rental. The Cedar Community Hall can give charitable donation receipts.

  1. Annual General Meeting June 10th – Pot Luck – 4pm location at Armando dos Santos and Virginia Woodward’s home.
  1. Next Regular meeting – June 13th in the Green Room
  1. Reading Committee – Eleanor Tully reported that “The Green Room” a 2 act play by Brian March is the Fall Production.

Other plays: “Hay Fever” – Brian gave to Gordon McInnes to read and consider for Spring 2018. “Nothing Sacred” by JT Walker and “Skin Flick” by Norm Foster are also being read and considered for next year.

  1. YPDG presents a One Act Festival June 1,2,3, 2017 at Cedar Community Hall

Volunteers needed to help at door and other jobs.
Wendy Rawluk is doing Sound
Ray Hardy is doing Lights

  1. Canada Day July 1st at the North Oyster Historical Association Hall, YPDG will be participating. Vonda will be asked to help with costumes. Members will give YPDG information to people attending, sign up new members and advertise productions.

Meeting Adjourned 8:25pm