Held at the home of president Armando dos Santos and Virginia Woodward

The Annual Meeting and pot luck dinner social was held between 4pm and 7pm.

President, Armando dos Santos welcomed 12 members to his home.

The meeting convened at 5pm.

    1. The agenda moved accepted by Ted Girard and 2nd by Eric Tulley.  Carried
    2. The minutes of the 2016 AGM moved accepted by Brian March and 2nd by Gordon McInnis with a correction of the spelling of McInnis corrected. Carried
    3. Armando dos Santos read his president’s report for 2017. A copy is attached to these minutes. Moved by Armando and 2nd by Marnie Hastings that the president’s report be accepted. Carried
      Discussion items:

      1. How to increase YPDG profile suggestions for web page updates that Bruce Rowland can do if he is provided with material. Advertising and links on YPDG web page can be explored. Putting excerpts from current productions on UTube is a way to get public interest.
      2. It was noted that YPDG rent for the hall is 2 years in arrears. This has occurred because the hall has not issue invoices.
    4. YPDG Financial Report ending March 31 2017 is attached to these minutes. Kathleen Schenker reported that operating costs are $2800 per annum. The report does not include $900 earnings from the June 2017 One Act Festival.
      1. The “Building Fund” and the “Jubilee Fund” are on the books from previous years and the question of leaving these obligations ensued. Kathleen moved that these items be moved into the “Members Equity Fund”. 2nd by Ted Girard.  Carried
      2. Kathleen Schenker moved acceptance of the 2017 Financial Report 2nd by Eric Tulley.  Carried
    5. Election of Officers: Ted Girard offered nominations for the following positions:

Ted moved that all below be accepted by acclamation:                                Carried
President – Armando dos Santos
Vice-President – Ted Girard
Treasurer – Kathleen Schenker
Secretary – Anne Fiddick
Publicity – Marnie Hastings
Website and Membership – Bruce Rowland
Fundraising – Brian March

Ted Girard moved adjournment and sang happy birthday to Marnie Hastings then ate dinner and birthday cake.