Minutes of the Meeting Held July 12, 2016,

in the green room of Cedar Community Hall.


Present: Armando Dos Santos, Bruce Rowland, Ted Girard, , Ron Dale, Barry Baker, Mary Baker, Eleanor Tully and Bruce Ormond.

Apologies: Kathleen Schenker, Anne Fiddick

1) Minutes

The minutes of the June 14th meeting was held off to the next meeting to approve as no one had a copy.

2) Agenda

The agenda for this meetings were approved by consensus. (Motioned by Ted Girard and second by Bruce Ormond.)

3) Financials

The presentation of the financials were not available and will be approved at the next meeting.

4) Fall Production Report

Armando has confirmed that we have the following positions filled:

All cast                        Front of House                        Director           Sound Operator

Sound designer           Lighting Designer                   Producer          Costume Design



We still need the following:

Stage Manager            Props               Poster Design              Light and sound Operators

Eleanor, the producer will be sent a budget form to fill out.

5) Committees

Play reading:   Will be managed by Eleanor Tully (Focus on director wants)

Membership:   Will be managed by Bruce Rowland

Web site and email:   Will be managed by Bruce Rowland (A reminder was made that Bruce is only responsible for posting the information. All letters and posts should be sent to publicity first for approval and them send to Bruce to post.)

Publicity:  Will be managed by Marni Hastings

6) South Island Zone

After a long discussion on not entering the SIZ in 2017 and motion was entered by Bruce Rowland and  second by Barry Baker to not enter the SIZ festival. Carried by All. This will also remove the limit that the spring show has to be a Canadian artist.

7) Fundraiser (Night of Scenes from classic British Plays)

Brian March has put together three scenes from plays and would like to have the backing of YPDG for doing them. They would be performed Aug 19th to the 21st. The plays are Stiff Upper Lip, The Kingfisher and Home. Moved by Bruce  Rowland and second by Bruce Ormond. Carried.

8) Directors Workshop

Armando would like to organize a directors workshop with Fran Gebhard, similar to the actors workshop held last year in November of this 2016. This would be a not for profit workshop and details would be worked out prior to the announcement. Moved by Ted Girard, Second by Eleanor Tully to move forward. Carried

9) Fundraiser (Murder Mystery Dinner at Cotton Club)

Brian MArch would like to do a murder mystery dinner at Cottonwood Golf course in the fall with proceeds going to YPDG. Moved by Bruce Ormond, Second by Barry Baker to support the dinner. Carried Ted Girard will reserve March 2,3 and 4 for the festival.

10) 1 Act Festival Weekend

Armando would like to organize an interclub, 1 act play, weekend, hosted by YPDG. Profits would be split evenly across the entries with proceeds going to the club that supports the play. There would not be awards or adjudication but it is just entertainment for our audiences. Moved by Bruce Ormond to support, Second by Eleanor Tully. Carried

11) Spring Show – Ted Girard will book March 30,31, April1,7,8,14,15 for the spring production.

12) Ted Girard asked to change the word “Board” in the notice for the meetings to club.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50