Held In the office in the Cedar Community Hall

There were only four members at the meeting; a quorum is a minimum of 5.

  1. The notes from the November 8th meeting were read. These were read and moved by Gordon McInnes and 2nd by Brian March as accepted…Carried
  2. Armando dos Santos welcomed 9 members to the meeting. The agenda was approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Kathleen Schenker had a verbal report stating that the play “Father’s Day” had a net income of $400 and a cheque was received from the Ladysmith Rotary Club for $150 which brought the total to $550 but the expenses still outweigh the income by $350. Ted Girard and 2nd by Gordon McInnes moved the report accepted.
  4. Spring 2017 production Report – Bruce Rowland said that “Touch and Go” the spring play is in rehearsal with Joanne Rowland directing. He will do a model and budget for the play and submit it to the February meeting. Marnie Hastings is doing producer/publicity. Discussion regarding the cost of the posters and programs centred on the $400 bill for the fall play. $300 was the maximum paid in the past. Armando, Bruce and Marnie will discuss costs and decide who will do the art work for the flyers, posters and programs for the spring play.
  5. Bruce recommended more circuits and outlets on stage. The electrical extension cords need to be fixed/replaced because the lights and cues were sporadic during the fall production. Moved by Brian March and 2nd by Gordon McInnes that $200 be spent to upgrade the electrical circuits on stage. …. Carried.
  6. The fall 2017 production “Alterations” is directed by Pat Zogar and is fully cast.
  7. Armando dos Santos put forward the idea of a seasonal brochure for the year ahead. It will list the plays and activities of YPDG for the next 12 months. This brochure will be distributed to businesses, clubs and individuals so it can be posted and given out. The idea is that more people will see that we are active and have more to offer than two plays a year. Armando suggested that we ask Kathy Holmes to design the brochure and get it printed. It was moved by Ted Girard and 2nd by Eleanor Tully, that Kathy Holmes be asked and given a budget of $200-$300 for the 2017 brochure…..Carried. Bruce reminded us that he will post anything on our website and Facebook page as long as it is sent to him in a finished text form with photos if any.
  8. 2017 Ticket prices were discussed: Regular – $20 per show, Members – $30 for two shows, Non-members $35 for two shows. This was agreed by consensus.
  9. Directors Workshop – February 3rd and 4th 2017 at the Cedar Community Hall.
    • Armando reported that there are 15 participants signed up for the workshop. *15 is the maximum. If there are more inquiries, they may opt to be on a cancellation list or a wait – list for a future workshop.
    • Fran Gerhardt will teach the workshop.
    • The fee is $60 per person – pay in cash or cheque at the door.
  10. 2017 Christmas Season – that we present seasonal themed radio plays in the Christmas – New Years week. Radio plays require fewer rehearsals and less staging. Victoria presented “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” both were well received.
  11. 2018 Season planning:
    • Eleanor Tully will host a reading of the play “I Am Not Rappaport” on          January 24th 2017 in the green room.
    • Brian March’s play “The Green Room” will be read again. “Naked in the     Kitchen”, “Last Laugh”, and “Filthy Rich” were discussed for the 2018   season. They require directors.
  12. Late April – Early May 2017 Brian March and Moira Fox are planning a murder mystery dinner at the Cottonwood Golf Course – this is a fundraiser for the drama club. The theme is a beauty pageant “Murder is Only Skin Deep”.
  13. One Act Festival 2017 – end of May 3 nights. 9 one act plays needed to fill the bill. It will be open to clubs or individuals who wish to enter. This will offer a great opportunity for a playwright or novice group to show their stuff.
  • No fees to enter a play – this was discussed and concern was expressed regarding those who will enter and not show up.
  • No adjudicator – may have a people’s choice award
  • Tickets will be for one night or a package deal for three nights.
  • Armando dos Santos and Ted Girard will organize the Festival.

Ted Girard requests that his name and number be removed from the ticket contact list as he does not want to be responsible for “Front of House” in the future.

Adjournment at 8:50pm Moved by Ted Girard