Minutes of the meeting held February 14th 2017

President Armando dos Santos welcomed 10 members and a guest, Frank Stevens.


  1. Moved by Joanne Rowland that the Agenda be approved, 2nd by Ted Girard, Carried
  2. Moved by Bruce Rowland that the January 10, 2017 minutes be accepted, 2nd by Ron Dayle, Carried
  3. Finance report was unavailable. Bruce Rowland collected $10 annual membership dues from those present.
  4. Correspondence:

Brian March had correspondence from the Credit Union regarding signing authority.

Treasurer, Kathleen Schenker, President Armando dos Santos and myself (YPDG secretary, M. Anne Fiddick) have signatures on file for the YPDG account.

  1. Business Arising from the minutes (old business)

Works in progress:

a) Bruce reported that he has done some of the circuits for the stage and has purchased cables at a bargain for more in the future.

b) Armando reported that Kathy Holmes will charge $100 for the YPDG brochure/production schedule artwork, and Vista printing is approximately $100 for 1000 copies for distribution in local businesses, libraries and pubs.

c) Christmas Radio Plays 2017 and Murder Mystery are still being planned.

  1. Armando announced that the Directors Workshop will proceed on Friday February 17th and 18th it was postponed from last weekend because of snow.

The fee is $60 for the two days and starts at 5:30 Friday evening.

  1. Spring Production- March 2017 “Touch and Go” is in rehearsal. It was agreed that YPDG give complimentary tickets to Ladysmith Rotary, PROBIS (Retired, Professional Business people), Altrusa Club and others deemed appropriate. Complimentary tickets will be marked so they can be tracked and the data utilized to assess their usefulness for future productions. The objective of complimentary tickets is to fill seats on the traditionally poorly attended days. Evening performances will start at 7:30pm and matinees at 2pm. Joanne Rowland will staff “front of house”.
  1. The end of March is the deadline for entries to the YPDG one act festival, May18, 19,20, 2017. Armando contacted various drama groups to invite them to enter.
  1. Play readings: February 28th, “One Man Two Governors”, March “True West”,
    April “Green Room” by Brian March.  Armando has a Canadian Play Catalogue.
  1. Ted Girard moved adjournment at 8:07pm

*Note- Armando suggested YPDG have a booth at Ladysmith Arts on the Avenue on August 27th from 10am to 4pm. The cost is $15 and YPDG would have brochures and generally advertise our productions. It was agreed to participate if there are enough members to man the booth.