Yellow Point Drama Group

Minutes of December 12, 2017 meeting and Christmas Social

Held In the green room of Cedar Community Hall

  1. President Armando dos Santos welcomed 12 members to the meeting and Christmas Social. Members brought snacks and drinks to enjoy after the business meeting.
  2. Minutes of the November 14th 2017 meeting were read and corrected with “Alterations” instead of “Reflections” and Barry Baker purchased “The Best Christmas Ever”. Moved by Gordon McInnes and 2nd by Barry Baker that the minutes be adopted as amended.                                                                                       Carried
  3. 2018 Spring Production of Oscar Wilde’s “the Importance of Being Ernest” has been cancelled. Director Gordon McInnes could not find one young female and two young males to complete the cast. Gordon will consider directing the play for the fall of 2019 if cast members can be found.
  4. Play Readings: Barry Baker suggests reading a play that is a spoof of Sherlock Holmes and “Never Kiss a Nanny”. Armando likes “Outside Mullinger” and would like to direct it for spring 2019. Discussion: Chemainus is also doing this play in the near future.
  5. Fall 2018 Production will be “The Green Room” written by Brian March.
  6. Fundraiser: Dinner Theatre on February 10th 2018 Murder Mystery “Murder is Only Skin Deep” written and directed by Brian March. Moira and Jim Fox will provide food.
  7. Regional District of Nanaimo Grant Application: Brian March has applied on behalf of YPDG for funding for LED lights that cost $800 each. $5000 is available every six months for equipment for community groups.
  8. Copier: YPDG needs a copier for plays and fliers. Brian March has compared ink-jet and laser printers.Moved by Armando dos Santos 2nd by Doreen Scandland that YPDG purchase a copier and that Brian March be authorized to decide and purchase whichever one will be the most efficient for YPDG.    Carried          Vonda Croissant volunteered to donate a copier but it takes sheets to copy not bulky books.

Ted Girard moved adjournment. The group then relaxed, chatted and enjoyed the treats and refreshments.