Held in the green room Cedar Community Hall

Meeting started at 7:30pm.  President Armando dos Santos welcomed 8 members to the meeting.

Welcome to new members James and Doreen Scantland

  1. Approval of Agenda – move to approve by Ted Girard, 2nd Ron Dale – carried
  2. Minutes of the July 10th meeting – move to accept by Barry Baker, 2nd  James Scantland – Carried
  3. Correspondence
    1. A letter from North Oyster Historical Association thanking YPDG for participating in the Canada 150 Celebrations at the North Oyster hall on July 1st. Moved received by Barry Baker 2nd by James Scantland – Carried
  4. Business arising from previous minutes: Discussion about the generous donation to YPDG from Ron Dale. Donations can be tax deductible, if YPDG belongs to Theatre BC and if the individual ($20) belongs to Theatre BC. Donations can be directed through Theatre BC to YPDG then charitable receipts are issued. Moved by Ron Dale that YPDG become a member of Theatre BC (cost approx. $65) 2nd by Doreen Scantland
  5. Finance Report: The financial report was not available *Note: Armando reported that 2 of the 3 years of previous Hall rentals have been forgiven, YPDG paid 1 year. Moved by Ted Girard that the financial report be tabled to September, 2nd by Doreen Scantland
  6. Fall Production Report:   Alterations, directed by Patricia Zogar is in rehearsals. 7 performances are planned: 6 nights and 1 matinee. Royalties are yet to be determined. An assistant stage manager and sound producer are needed.
  7. The August play reading will be Blood Relations, by Sharon Pollack. Gordon McGuiness is considering directing a play in spring of 2018.
  8. “3 Plays” 0ne acts will be performed at the Unitarian Church August 12 and at the Ladysmith Arts Council hall on August 13th.
  9. Arts on the Avenue August 27th . YPDG will have a booth on the main street. Armando has a tent and table. Vonda Croissant will provide props and costumes. Anne will help at the booth. Membership forms will be available and a door prize draw will be held at end of day, 10am to 4pm.
  10. Play readings will continue monthly to choose and confirm the 2018 schedule.
  11. YPDG 2017 one act festival was successful. Dates and plays for a 3-night festival are planned for 2018.
  12. Christmas Season Radio Plays are booked in Cedar Hall for December 27,28,29, 2017. Barry Baker and others will be organizing and calling for auditions.
  13. Murder Mystery and dinner November 2017. Catering for dinner and entertainment with the audience participating are a big draw for this production. Brian March has written scripts.
  14. Ron Dale has written a play that is directed at audience participation and an older crowd.

Ray Hardy and James and Doreen Scantland paid their memberships, welcome.

Adjournment: Move to adjourn by Barry Baker    Carried

Next meeting September 11th.