Minutes of the April 15th 2017 meeting

  1. Held in the Green Room starting at 7pm
  2. President Armando dos Santos welcomed 8 members to the meeting
  3. Moved by Bruce Rowland, 2nd by Kathleen Schenker that the Agenda for the meeting be approved. Carried
  4. Minutes of the February 14th meeting, moved not to be read moved by Kathleen Schenker and 2nd by Barry Baker. Carried
  5. Finance Report – Treasurer, Kathleen Schenker handed out reports showing the year end of March. There was a net loss of $1772.00 Moved by Kathleen Schenker and 2nd by Ted Girard to accept the report as written. Carried
  6. Correspondence – All mail should now be sent to Armando Dos Santos address. Armondo’s address will be posted on the web for mail  correspondence and for any billing.
  7. Spring Production “Touch and Go”The play is underway and Bruce Rowland reported that sales were going well for the first weekend and we should make our expenses if attendance continues.
  8. Fall Production “Alterations”

    Director Patricia Zogar – April 11th there will be a read through of “Alterations”

    Production staff:

    Set designer and builder with others– Bruce Rowland

    Producer – Armando dos Santos

    Sound design – Wendy Rawluk is also doing the spring play

    Props – Eleanor Tully

    Publicity – Armando dos Santos and Marnie Hastings will be asked too

    Lighting design – Ray Hardy will be asked and Eric Tully may be asked also.

    Still looking for a Stage Manager and ASM.

  9. North Oyster Historical Association are putting on a Canada 150 celebration at the North Oyster Hall July 1st. YPDG will participate with a costume display and information about us and our productions. Brian will assist to co-ordinate items and the display. Armando held a meeting with North Oyster and a presentation is scheduled for July 1st. YPDG will need a 5-10 minute historical talk. The next meeting on this subject is with North Oyster on April 26. Brian March and Armando Dos Santo will make a plan for the meeting. Armando will ask Sylvia Malthouse to put together the historical presentation.
  10. YPDG One Act Festival dates are June 1,2,3, 2017 at Cedar Community Hall. 3 plays are entered at this time. A reminder that the deadline to enter is April 15th will be sent out. Ted Girard will write the reminder so that Bruce Rowland can send it out. Decisions on how the festival will be run will be made at the next Dram Group meeting.
  11. Radio Plays for December – YPDG is looking to put on some Radio Plays for December 28,29 and 30 2017. We are still looking for plays.
  12. Fund Raising Brian March suggested that we apply for a gaming grant. This has been done in the past. Brian will spearhead this effort. Ted Girard volunteered to work on a Parks and Recreation grant as well.
  13. Season 2018 Barry Baker proposed that the play “The Green Room” by Brian March be in the 2018 season and it was 2nd by Ted Girard. Carried
  14. Christmas Lights in Hall – There are some broken strings of Christmas lights that go around the hall to give extra light on show nights. It was brought to the attention of the board by Bruce Rowland that they are a is disrepair and should be replaced. They can be replaced with LED Christmas lights for around $200 or by 16 sconces at a cost of $800. Armando and Barry are going to take this to the Cedar Hall board to pay for as they are used by all groups that come into the hall. They will report back at the next meeting.
  1. Bruce Rowland moved and Ted Girard 2nd  adjournment at 8:15pm