Regular meeting held in the green room of Cedar Community Hall, September 12, 2017

President Armando dos Santos welcomed 6 members to the meeting.

Other members are upstairs rehearsing the fall play, “Alterations”.

  1. The agenda for the meeting was moved approved by Ted Girard and 2nd by Kathleen Schenker Carried
  2. August 8th 2017 minutes: moved accepted by Ted Girard, 2nd by Brian March.  Carried
  3. No correspondence
  4. Membership report: Bruce Rowland reported that there are 47 paid up members and several paid at this meeting. As noted in the August minutes, Bruce produced a budget form to be submitted before each production.
  5. Financial Report: A copy of the full report is attached to the minutes.

Treasurer Kathleen Schenker reported the balance in the bank account is $7070.04. The spring production revenue was $1219.65 and the one act festival revenue was $1176.23. Moved by Kathleen Schenker that the financial report be accepted as presented, 2nd by Ted Girard,            Carried

  1. Fall Production “Alterations” Report: An assistant Stage manager is still needed; Ted Girard will ask at the high school if there is a student interested.

A sound person is also needed for the production.
Kate Girard has done a press release it is attached to these minutes.
Armando reported distributed the posters and presented the budget estimate: royalties @ $700 per night, total $3578.50. Hall rental $1837.00. Publicity $750.

  1. Short Plays were performed at the Unitarian Church Hall and Ladysmith Gallery. The revenue was $635. These are intimate venues with fewer seats but well received. The Ladysmith Gallery is receptive to hosting plays again.
  2. Arts on the Avenue in Ladysmith – cost $15. YPDG had a good display booth thanks to Vonda Croissant for the wardrobe display and thanks to all the members “manning” the booth on a very hot day. We spoke to many future theatre goers and potential actors. YPDG raffled tickets and got contact information from the entries.
  3. Christmas Radio Plays are scheduled for December 28,29 & 30, 2017.

Ted Girard has reserve the Cedar Community Hall for those dates.
Barrie Baker reported that he is considering “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
Brian March is reading a radio version of “A Christmas Carol” and Lorne Kraft is planning a Christmas themed video production.

  1. Murder Mystery and dinner: Brian March reported it will be produced in the Spring 2018. Moira Fox and her husband, Jim volunteered to cater the dinner.
  2. Play reading in the Green Room, Thursday September 14th “A Flea in her Ear” a French Farce, rewritten by David Ives. Gordon McInnes is directing this for spring 2018.
  3. New Business: Brian March is working on a submission for RDN Community Culture Grants. The deadline is September 24th. A new copier and a lighting board for the LED lights are needed. Kathleen Schenker will put a budget together with information required for the grant proposal.
  4. Adjournment moved by Ted Girard 8:15pm