‘Yellow Point Drama Group’

Annual General Meeting

Volunteer Appreciation Pot-Luck Dinner
Date: Sunday, May 31/2015
Time: Meeting at 5:00 pm – Dinner to follow!
Place: Cedar Community Hall
           2388 Cedar Road
RSVP:  Patti Grand – 250-722-3003/ pattigrand@shaw.ca
           (needed by May 20th so we can set enough seating)
                   We are all Volunteers, and look forward to this opportunity to celebrate together!
      In order to make this as simple as possible for everyone, please bring the following…..
                    1. Your own Plates, Cutlery, Glasses, Cups/Mugs, Napkins.
                    2. The Beverage of your choice….YPDG will supply Coffee/Tea and a Fruit Punch
                    3. A donation* to the Food Table of your best Pot-Luck Creation – and maybe a copy of the *recipe!
Please bring your “Pot-Luck” donation* offering in either an Appetizer, Salad, Casserole or Dessert category, large enough for at least 8 servings, and please bring the appropriate serving Utensil.
*YPDG is considering the creation of a “Cedar Pot-Luck Recipe Book” …..if the dishes are as delicious as last year it could be a much sought after collection.
Annual General Meeting Agenda and Election of 2015-2016 Officers
(according to the Constitution and By-Laws circa 1905)
Welcome: Announcements – Appreciation – Patricia Grand
Approval of Minutes of 2014 AGM: – Anne Fiddick
Presidents Report: – Patricia Grand
Treasurers Report: – Kathleen Schenker
Committee Reports: – Joanne Rowland ‘The Queen of Bingo’
                                       – Armando Dos Santos 2015 ‘SIZ’
                                       – Brian March ‘Dapper Dan’/Spring Trio
Elections to be officiated by Ted Girard:  Call for Nominations
                                                                      Time allowed for Candidates to speak(2-5 minutes)
                                                                       Vote(if required)
                                                                       New Board introduced
                                                                       Destroy Ballots
Past-President:  Patricia Grand 2015/Ex-Officio
President:  Bruce Rowland – to be elected
Vice-President:  Pat Zogar – to be elected
Secretary:  Anne Fiddick – to be elected
Treasurer:  Kathleen Schenker – to be elected
Standing Committees: –  chairs to be appointed in first meeting June 9/15
                                           a) Social Committee – open
                                           b) Planning Committee – Eleanor Tully
                                           c) Public Relations Committee – open
                                           d) Front of House – Patricia Grand
                                           e) Membership and Hospitality –  Bruce Rowland
                                           f) Wardrobe and Costumes – Joanne McLeod
                                           g) Technical – Greg Heide
                                           h) Other Appointments as required……

Terms of Office: All elected and appointed Officials of the Group shall be for a period of 12 months only.

NOTE: There will  be a table provided for people that wish to renew their membership, (Just $10).

Please come out and support your local live theatre group.